Our Achievements

We create the yard of your dreams

Make your yard a unique living space where it’s good to relax thanks to our personalized landscaping services.

Lacking inspiration or, on the contrary, too many ideas in mind? Let yourself be inspired by our achievements and benefit from our landscape architect’s sound advice. It is with pleasure and passion that we will create a landscaping plan in your image where you will relax or even celebrate in an outdoor environment that suits you.

Whether you need to install paving stones or a lawn, enhance your inground pool or even give your asphalt driveway a boost, let our team handle the work

An outdoor living space that reflects your image

Thanks to our expertise and our specialized equipment, we are able to create a multitude of exterior design plans for you. Add a touch of refinement to your patio with richly coloured textured paving stones. You have just built your new house and your land is bare of all greenery? Have the lawn installed and enjoy a green yard. From a country courtyard to a contemporary patio, we can offer you the outdoor living space of your dreams. And all our work is guaranteed.

Don’t wait any longer and offer yourself landscape architect services to make your yard a refined and pleasant place where you will meet with family or friends to share and celebrate the little joys of life.

You‘re thinking of an outdoor design project? Call our team of professionals to design a landscaping plan and to carry out the work. Les Entreprises Lavoie Leblanc, your West Island reference in landscaping.


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