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3 good reasons to call on a landscape architect

Summer is undoubtedly the ideal time to enjoy your outdoors. But your landscaping still have to be in tune with it! You want to make your garden convivial, warm and all without altering the architectural design of your home? Have you thought about hiring a landscape architect?

At Les Entreprises Lavoie Leblanc, we pride ourselves in offering you a landscape architect service so you can finally have the outdoor backyard of your dreams. Are you interested in knowing exactly what the role of a landscape architect is and what are the advantages of hiring such a specialist? The following are some clarifications.

Use a landscape architect for personalized service

With a professional studies diploma or a university degree, a landscape architect has the expertise required to design your outdoor courtyard. Before undertaking such a project, our professional will visit your home to analyze not only your expectations, but also to assess the style of your building and the features of your property.

1. Assessing your needs and being creative

On a more explicit level, he has many questions. First, he will check the soil properties and the sun exposure of your garden to determine which facilities and plants will be the most suitable.

By the way, do you have a green thumb or do you prefer to have as little upkeep as possible? Given the house’s architecture, would an urban garden be more appropriate? What materials to choose? Are the dimensions of the yard suitable for the construction of a terrace, swimming pool or playground? These are the kinds of questions this expert will focus on.

2. Drawing up plans

In short, the landscape architect provides you with a wealth of advice according to your wishes, your budget and the layout of your yard, with the aim of embellishing it all. When all the details have been worked out, the planning stage is followed by the completion of the landscaping.

3. Work Management

It is true, however, that carrying out an outdoor development project can be relatively expensive. But it is still important to keep things in perspective. This is because, in addition to the fact that by seeking the services of a professional you opt for a guarantee in terms of satisfaction, it is undeniable that in the end you avoid certain unnecessary expenses.

In other words, isn’t it true that had you done the project yourself, you would have done several tests and invested in different types of materials? In short, nothing beats an expert’s trained eye! In addition, he can even ensure that all work is completed on time, on budget and according to the approved plan.

What’s more, it should be noted that by recruiting a landscaping specialist, you are ensuring that your project will be completed on time. Isn’t that a convincing argument if you want to make the most of your backyard this summer?

Soliciting the services of an architect to increase the value of your home
A landscaping contract is often accompanied by a maintenance contract. So, apart from the fact that you won’t have to worry about the tasks associated with lawn, plant or other facilities maintenance, this option guarantees you a better quality of life, but also an added value on your property.

Given these facts and the advantages associated with the hiring of a landscaping specialist, feel free to seek the services of our company Les Entreprises Lavoie Leblanc. You will be advised by our professionals who specialize in the installation of paving stones, asphalt paving, patio layouts and the construction of in-ground pools. Interested in a town garden or a more pastoral setting, we are at your disposal to make your project a reality.

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